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Partners | The Wicked Group

Visit The Wicked Group About The Wicked Group The Wicked Group, an esteemed fundraising consultancy, is a one-stop-shop for all your Event Fundraising needs in

Unveiling New Horizons: The Importance of Hybrid Events

The Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation is a nonprofit, patient advocacy organization whose mission is to inform, support, and empower individuals affected by the disease and eventually find a permanent cure for it.

Cavernous malformations, also known as cavernous angiomas, are blood vessel lesions in the brain and spinal cord that can cause strokes and seizures when they hemorrhage. They can be inherited and are a leading cause of stroke in children and young adults.

From Tradition to Triumph – Germantown Knights of Columbus Partners with ClickBid

The Knights of Columbus (KoC) is a membership-based organization that focuses on community outreach in an effort to support those in need around the world. With deep roots in faith and service, the Knights of Columbus tirelessly engages in charitable initiatives, supporting multiple different charities, and has thousands of satellite councils with over 1.9 million members, making it one of the world’s largest charitable organizations in the world.

Partners | Voice of DC Productions

Visit VODC Productions About Voice of DC Productions VODC Productions brings to life captivating live fundraising events for mission-driven organizations of every scale, leaving audiences

ADW Qgiv/Bloomerang – LP

Why does ClickBid outshine Qgiv? It’s Crazy Simple. Let us show you why? With the recent acquisition of Qgiv by Bloomerang, ClickBid offers you a

Capturing Hope: Heart Gallery Alabama Partners with ClickBid

Currently, in Alabama, there are hundreds of children and teenagers in foster care looking for their forever homes. Heart Gallery Alabama exists to connect these children in foster care with caring adults who will provide the stability and guidance they need to thrive.

Children featured in the Heart Gallery have experienced some form of trauma or loss, thus creating a ‘negative’ adoption label. Heart Gallery Alabama (HGA) believes youth in foster care should not be defined by these labels and deserve positive connections with adults who can provide them with unconditional love and commitment.

Partner Program

Let’s change the world together – one event at a time. Changing the world isn’t a one-person job. Partner with ClickBid to help your clients

Success Stories

Managing fundraising events can be challenging — we get that. There are so many things to keep track of. Any setback can feel like it could jeopardize the whole event.

At ClickBid, we’re dedicated to helping nonprofits overcome their challenges. Since 2002, it’s been our focus to help nonprofits raise awareness, strengthen donor relationships, and enable year-round giving opportunities to raise more money.

But how does ClickBid enable nonprofits to make it to the million-dollar milestones?

Introducing Success Stories — stories from nonprofits and charities on how they’re managing their auctions, reaching more people, and raising more money.

Riverside Foundation Partners with ClickBid to Transform Healthcare in Eastern Virginia

The Riverside Foundation is the nonprofit arm of the Riverside Health System. Established in 1915, it has since expanded to make healthcare more accessible to the local community. Its mission is to care for others as they would care for those they love — and it’s that mission that drives them to support so many health, education, and community programs. Because the Riverside Foundation is a nonprofit, it relies on philanthropic support to attract and retain the best physicians and clinicians, invest in cutting-edge technology, and continue serving the community.