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ClickBid Release Notes 4.16.010

Enhancements It was possible to use a browser work around to submit the Register to Bid page with no info entered, resulting in a blank

ClickBid Release Notes 4.16

Enhancements A ‘Scroll to top’ button (blue arrow up) was added to the bidding site browse pages. Reports >> No Bid Items has been upgraded

ClickBid Release Notes 4.15

Enhancements Apple Pay and PayPal were added as Digital Wallet  payment options for ClickBid Credit Processing on 3 pages: Ticket page Bidding site self-checkout

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.14

Enhancements Stripe has been added as a 3rd party credit processor for US and Canada. Consignment items can now be tracked. This includes importing and

ClickBid Release Notes – 4.12

Enhancements Ticket Sales Check Paid  and Check Unpaid  have been added as payment types for ticket sales. A ticket purchase made by selecting

ClickBid Release Notes 4.9.1

Enhancements The ticket page will now prevent a $0 purchase unless a specific $0 discount code has been used. The discount code field will now

ClickBid Release Notes 4.9.0

Enhancements Mobile checkout is now allowed at any time when a bidder has an item ready to check out. The ‘Checkout Now’ button will appear

ClickBid Release Notes 4.8.0

Enhancements Multiple ticket pages for a single account are now supported. These ticket pages are live and active as soon as they are created. It

ClickBid Release Notes 4.7.0

Enhancements Credit Card swipers will no longer be supported for ClickBid events. In general, we will encourage clients to encourage their bidders to use functions

ClickBid Release Notes 4.6.0

Enhancements BeanStream Credit Processing API was added for Canadian customers. When ‘max bidding’ is enabled, the button on the bidding page now says ‘BID/SET MAX’