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ClickBid vs The Competition

The right event fundraising platform can help you save time, raise more money and better engage your donors. Find out how ClickBid compares to your current platform.
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Competitor Comparisons

Discover how ClickBid sets itself apart from other fundraising platforms.


Founded in 2008, 6 years after ClickBid. A leading provider of event fundraising.


Support and price make the difference. Users often complain of added costs to continue using the OneCause platform.
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Billed as a complete fundraising solution, BetterUnite finds itself as a high priced platform with a premium fee for support.


Pricing is passed to your donors. Limited support requires you to have savvy users. Only when upgrading do you see added support options.
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Givebutter has embraced a "free with fee" approach to fundraising. This means your donors are asked to cover fees.


Pricing is passed to your donors in addition to processing fees. Limited support requires you to have savvy users.
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Formerly MobileCause, GiveSmart is a combination of multiple platforms. Unpublished pricing requires multiple conversations with staff.


Pricing is customized based on features and length of agreement. This creates a challenge to get basic information.
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Fundraising platform founded in 2007. Focused on paid modules added to a base package.


Qgiv takes the approach of "pay-as-you-go". This can begin to add up as you discover new uses for event fundraising.
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GalaBid is a "free with fee" platform. There are no upfront costs to use GalaBid. However, donors are asked to cover the fees of the platform once they use the software.


Pricing is difficult to calculate because fees are passed to your donors. You can bypass asking your donors to pay with an additional 4.9% fee assessed to the organization following the event.
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The ClickBid Difference

Over 20+ years of working with nonprofits, it’s no accident that ClickBid offers a one time flat fee instead of a “free with fee” pricing model. We feel it’s the perfect blend of cost and benefits to our nonprofit clients. Once you have paid your annual license, you should be free to raise as much money as possible without paying more for the platform. The challenge with “free” or “platform fee” models is that you and/or your donors will continue to pay whenever a transaction occurs. It’s ironic really because you never stop paying with free platforms.


20+ years of finding balance.
  • Dedicated Staff For Each Org
  • A Single Annual License
  • No Additional Fees
  • USA Based Support Team
  • Free Event Day Phone Support
  • 3.5% Flat Card Fee

Free with Fee

Fees assessed whenever donors pay.
  • No support dedicated to org
  • Unlimited costs per donation
  • Donors asked to cover fee
  • Email & FAQ support only
  • Must purchase, if available
  • Card fees based on card type

Annual License +

Flat fee with add ons and limited support.
  • Must purchase dedicated support
  • Annual or quarterly license
  • Fees added to card payments
  • Call center style support
  • Available for purchase per event
  • Card fees based on card type

Trusted by thousands of charities.

ClickBid has invested on providing maximum fundraising for charities all over North America. Our recipe of simple software and dedicated support has helped us become a top level event fundraising provider. Discover how we do it!

A support team that follows you.

Our support team consists of seasoned, US based representatives who call ClickBid their home. Each talented team member attends events in-person to know what it feels like to be in your shoes. They personally walk you through your onboarding, answer all your questions along the way and manually review your events before they start. This isn’t extra! It’s the ClickBid Experience.

Switching to ClickBid

Step One: Connect

Our team is trained in helping charities migrate their event data from one platform to ClickBid. We will walk you through a customized demo and focus on the process of migration. Unlike switching CRMs, the process is surprisingly simple and takes only minutes.

Step Two: Support

Connect directly to your account manager who will support you for the entire year. Unlike a call center, our team is dedicated to your organization. Tell your story only once and then let your account manager help you stay engaged with your donors.

Step Three: Raise!

With your first event set up, you're ready to engage and raise more money. Best of all, there's no more $$ to spend on multiple events. The road ahead of you is wide open for maximizing your donor experiences and raising more funds.

Don't take our word for it.

We love our nonprofits and they have loved using a crazy simple platform.

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