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Event Ticket Sales

Organize, promote, and manage your ticket sales in one place

Run a successful event with just a few clicks

When tickets are sold using ClickBid, your sales data is instantly available to you via your admin. Move purchasers and guests into your auction, assign tables, keep an accurate headcount, ask custom questions, and let your purchasers pick their meals with a few clicks.

How ClickBid helps you manage ticket sales

Multiple ticket types and sponsorships

Offer a variety of ticket categories, including General Admission, Sponsor, and VIP.

Keep credit card on file from ticket purchase

The purchaser can choose to keep their card on file for the event.

Online donations

Let people donate if they can’t attend.

Discount codes

Incentivize attendance with custom promo codes.

Customizable ticket forms

Gather the data you need for each ticket type with custom fields.

Table assignments and meal choices

Allow seating preferences and special requests.

Instant ticket data and reports

Track your revenue by ticket type, number of tickets sold, meal counts, purchasers, and guests easily.

Preview live samples of our ticket pages

Manage your events with ClickBid and discover just how easy it can be to change the world.​