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Crazy Simple Event Fundraising

Helping nonprofits and charities change the world one event at a time.

Easy-to-use for donors. nonprofits.

What Makes Us Tick

Since our first event in 2002, we have dedicated ourselves to building a company and product that drives real value for nonprofits and the teams that run them. 

We know that raising money allows you to keep the wheels turning. But we understand that managing fundraising events can be challenging. There are so many things to keep track of — and any setback can feel like it could jeopardize the whole event. 

With more than 20 years of experience supporting events, we’ve seen it all — the mistakes and the million-dollar milestones. That’s why we created ClickBid, the all-in-one event fundraising platform that makes raising money crazy simple. 

In the end, we feel that we’ve built a solid organization focused on our nonprofit’s bottom line and fundraising needs. We’re confident no one else in our industry provides the simplicity, value, support, and peace of mind that ClickBid does.

Thank you for considering ClickBid as your provider.

Matthew Burnell,
Founder and CEO

Our Mission

ClickBid’s mission is to help charities raise awareness for their causes, strengthen donor relationships through exciting events, and enable year-round giving opportunities. We do this by combining our easy-to-use platform with our experienced service team to ensure each fundraising endeavor is successful.

Meet Our Team

Frequently asked questions

We conducted our first electronic auction in 2002 for a hospice group in Grand Rapids, MI. We are the oldest and first in mobile bidding.

We have worked with thousands of unique customers since 2002. Annually we conduct over 2,400 events for our mobile bidding customers.

Our offices are in Norton Shores, MI. We also have offices in Detroit, MI and sales representatives throughout the US.

Ensuring your event runs stress-free is key to our service delivery. That’s why we work to keep ClickBid Mobile Bidding as crazy simple as possible. While the vast majority of our events leverage their volunteers and our dedicated customer advisor service, some events require on-site support. That’s why we have partnered with Life Event Staffing to provide the highest quality of dedicated charity gala professionals.

On event day you are provided with and on-call phone number to reach our day-of support team. They will assist you with any needs that you have.

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