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7.6.0407 released

Enhancements: 1. Welcome (register to bid) email – space was reduced between default content and the ‘your bidder number is’ and bidder link section. It

7.6.0327 released

Issues addressed: 1. Archived bidder statements are now always showing the correct paid over FMV amount on statements with multiple line items. 2. A custom

Running a Virtual Event

Run A Virtual Silent Auction Event

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has put many non-profits into a position of pushing their spring auction to the fall, cancelling it or being creative and running their

7.5.0324 released

Enhancements: 1. Public Leaderboard – from the Event Central > Leaderboard page, you can configure your leaderboard and then copy a link for that leaderboard

7.5.0312 released

Enhancements 1. For accounts with partner sales codes, the following text was removed from software settings > auction settings > General Event Details: To change

7.5.0220 released

Issues addressed 1. For quantity items with multiple donors, the correct quantity purchased is once again being displayed at the time of purchase.

7.5.1114 released

Enhancements: 1. You can now enter a sales code when creating a demo account.

7.5.1220 released

Issues addressed: 1. The post event report is once again delivering an email with the post event pdf attached. 2. The Manage Categories page now