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GivingTuesday Email Content

Ready to start asking for donations this GivingTuesday? Here are some sample emails that you can use to start the creative process! 15 Days Before

Sample Giving Tuesday Email

Your GivingTuesday How-to Guide

Is this yet another GivingTuesday success article? Perhaps. Right to the point, I want to give you a step-by-step guide for building and running your

ClickBid 9.3.210922 Release

Enhancements: Receipts/Statements for Ticket Page, Donations/Text-To-Give, and Auction Items, have all been updated to the same style formatting. Sample from Donations/Text-To-Give Printed receipt Sample from

ClickBid 9.3.210917 Release

Enhancements: Quantity Items now have to have 1 Quantity and For Price before the item can be saved. The first row will appear as soon

ClickBid 9.3.210909 Release

Enhancements: When running an EventStream Live Auction, the “Next” bid can now be edited on the fly. Live item types now have a Reserve Amount

ClickBid 9.3.210902 Release

Introducing Recurring Donations! A Recurring Donation allows a donor to make a monthly, ongoing donation in addition to a one-time gift. This feature makes it