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ClickBid 10.2.220628 Release

Enhancements: Event Central: The Appeal Display tab has been removed. To use the ‘Appeal Display’ for donation items,  go to Manage Items and use the

ClickBid 10.2.220623 Release

Enhancements: Text message compliance updates: to attempt to be more compliant with Wireless Carrier anti-spam requirements, an Opt-in process for text messaging has been added.

ClickBid 10.2.220615 Release

Enhancements: Guest Update Page for Ticket Sales Verbiage updates to the guest update Combined “Guest Update” and “List for” into one line. Removed: ‘Your record

ClickBid 10.2.220608 Release

Enhancements: Manage Donors page updates: Created a table so the page can be treated like a spreadsheet.  Donor information can be added/edited with the ease

ClickBid 10.2.220525 Release

Enhancements: Landing Page Content: The Background Color and the Font Color set in Section A (and B-D if you have the Enhanced Giving Page) will

ClickBid 10.2.220518 Release

Enhancements: Mass Messaging: Updated verbiage under Compose A Text, Compose An Email & Pre-Composed Text/Emails. Changed ‘Desired Send Time’ to ‘Planned Manual Send Time’ Added

ClickBid 10.2.220511 Release

Enhancements: Reports> Bids by Category added a column for the amount by category. Bids by Category report Bidder login: when the bidder has more than