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Turning Disability into Ability – Al Sigl Community of Agencies Partners with ClickBid

Managing fundraising events can be challenging — we get that. There are so many things to keep track of. Any setback can feel like it could jeopardize the whole event. 

At ClickBid, we’re dedicated to helping nonprofits overcome their challenges. Since 2002, it’s been our focus to help nonprofits raise awareness, strengthen donor relationships, and enable year-round giving opportunities to raise more money.

But how does ClickBid enable nonprofits to make it to the million-dollar milestones?

Introducing Success Stories — stories from nonprofits and charities just like yours on how they’re successfully managing their auctions, reaching more people, and raising more money.

Here’s one of their stories.

Al Sigl Community of Agencies

Every day, millions of people around the world with special needs face challenges due to barriers to accessibility, making it difficult for them to complete daily tasks and participate fully in society. In Rochester, New York, there exists a group of people dedicated to making a difference in the lives of these individuals and their families. 

Thanks to Al Sigl Community of Agencies, children and adults with special needs within the Rochester area find support, resources, and opportunities to improve their quality of life. 

Since 1962, Al Sigl Community of Agencies has been dedicated to providing fully accessible, high-quality, cost-effective, shared-space real estate and business services to several independent nonprofits serving people with special needs. Over the years, Al Sigl Member Agencies have grown from serving 3,000 individuals to serving more than 55,000 annually.

In addition to its seven Member Agencies, there are many other nonprofits that offer programs and services on Al Sigl’s six campuses in Rochester, New York. Their main goal is to provide people with the space and equipment they need to stay connected in the community, achieve their goals, and more.

Twenty-six years ago, the Al Sigl Foundation was created to raise funds to directly benefit the organization’s Member Agencies, and also the larger collaborative.

We sat down with Christine Coletti, Director of Development at Al Sigl Foundation to learn more about the organization and how ClickBid has helped their small team raise critically-needed funds.

An Innovative Model

Al Sigl’s shared-space model not only fosters greater collaboration, it allows the organization to be responsive to the changing program needs of individual agencies as well as the shared spaces like the gym, conference rooms, and cafe. By taking care of facility maintenance needs including snow removal during the long Upstate New York winters, Al Sigl Member Agencies are able to concentrate their efforts on the individuals they serve.

Christine emphasized their commitment to supporting their Member Agencies, stating, “We offer shared spaces that allow our Member Agencies to do their work, but we do it below market value. The more we can help them, the better they can focus their time and resources on the work they’re doing.”

Through the efforts of efficient and affordable real estate, Al Sigl enables Member Agencies, Affiliates, and tenants to amplify their collective impact. 

This supportive infrastructure fosters a collaborative environment where organizations can achieve more together, ultimately benefiting thousands of individuals within the Rochester community. Their partnership ensures that future generations will have the tools they need to achieve their goals and create a better quality of life.

Small Team, Big Impact

In January 2023, Christine Coletti was promoted to Director of Development of the Al Sigl Foundation after serving as Events Director for 4 years. Christine’s role includes managing fundraising efforts, seeking relationships with sponsors, hosting annual events, and helping the nonprofit organization fund its valuable programs. 

“Our development team consists of five staff members so the number of events and philanthropic support that Al Sigl is able to provide is quite significant considering the amount of manpower that we have,” Christine said. 

Prior to using ClickBid, the nonprofit utilized paper bid sheets for their fundraising events. After switching to mobile bidding and joining ClickBid in 2018, Christine and her team saw an increased engagement and their first year raised an additional $2,000 compared to prior years. 

Embracing technology and implementing mobile bidding allowed the Al Sigl team to streamline their events and free up more time to focus on their mission. The Al Sigl team may be modest in size, but they have managed to create significant philanthropic support and organize a full slate of annual events, including an annual Paddle Tournament, Ski Benefit, Golf Tournament, and Tennis Benefit.

“For a small team, having an effective platform is essential! It’s truly the platforms such as ClickBid that make things flow seamlessly. With the quality customer support to help us accomplish basic event tasks, we are able to utilize our time very efficiently,” explained Christine. 

Embracing the hybrid event format in 2020 and 2021 during the pandemic, Al Sigl catered to their supporters’ preferences by offering multiple ways to participate in events. Thanks to ClickBid’s technology, they seamlessly organized exciting auctions, securely collected donations, and provided an overall user-friendly experience for attendees. 

Christine concludes, “The technology provided by ClickBid has allowed us to pivot and adapt to changing circumstances. We continue to deliver engaging fundraising experiences while ensuring the safety and conveniences of our supporters.”

Celebrating 54 Years and Still Giving!

The Al Sigl Sports Classic Golf Tournament, one of the longest-running charitable golf tournaments in the Rochester area, has been instrumental in raising funds and awareness for the more than 55,000 individuals served by Al Sigl’s Member Agencies each year. 

In 2023, the tournament celebrated its remarkable 54th anniversary, a testament to its enduring popularity and community support. The success of these events not only raises awareness but also contributes to the distribution of funds to Member Agencies.

“The more successful our events are, the more awareness we’re able to raise, the greater the distribution can be to our Member Agencies. Which will help them reach a greater audience and provide better quality services.” Christine said. 

Beyond their sports tournaments, Al Sigl also provides philanthropic support to its Member Agencies through endowment distribution and holiday-specific campaigns.

In 2022, they provided $10,000 to each of their Member Agencies during their annual holiday luncheon, which is only a fraction of their yearly contributions. These contributions allow the agencies to fund vital programs, acquire equipment, and extend their services to more individuals, creating a lasting impact within the Rochester community.

“ClickBid allows us the opportunity to reach folks in the room and beyond, which allows us to have the greatest impact possible with our fundraising activities. We are grateful for ClickBid’s platform and dedicated staff which have allowed us to stay on track with our events,” Christine said.

Now, Let’s Go Change the World

Al Sigl Community of Agencies’ partnership with ClickBid exemplifies how nonprofits can overcome challenges and achieve fundraising success. The impact they make within their community and the support they receive are direct results of their successful efforts in both fundraising and raising awareness. 

By utilizing technology and fostering strategic collaborations, organizations like Al Sigl can make a difference in the lives of thousands. ClickBid is proud to support the Al Sigl Foundation. 

For more information about Al Sigl Community of Agencies, please visit their website

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