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Qgiv vs ClickBid

Choosing the right event fundraising platform is critical to saving time, raising more and engaging your valuable donors. We compare ClickBid to another event platform, Qgiv.
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If you are looking for event fundraising software, you have a few options to choose from. Two popular choices are Qgiv and ClickBid. Both offer comprehensive solutions for your events, including mobile bidding, pre-event ticketing, and ongoing giving. However, there are differences between them when it comes to pricing and support. Take a closer look and decide which one suits your needs.

What does ClickBid do?

ClickBid started in 2002 as an in-person event fundraising platform. Using computer based bidding, charities were able to increase the frequency of bids, shorten lines at check-in and check-out and give donors an exciting and competitive experience. Over the years, ClickBid has expanded to provide online auctions, mobile bidding, ticket sales and live video.

The key to ClickBid is the simplicity of using a single tool for unlimited events throughout the year. Backing up your simplified experience is a dedicated support representative who follows your account all year. They will help you setup all your events and guide you through all the fundraising opportunities.

What does Qgiv do?

Qgiv is an all-encompassing online fundraising platform that helps non-profit organizations and charitable causes raise funds and connect donors. It offers a wide range of tools and features. 

Qgiv also offers event management tools that allow organizations to plan and host fundraising events, such as galas, auctions, and charity runs. These tools include: event registration, ticketing, and payment processing. Their goal is to make it easier for non-profits to manage and collect funds from participants.


ClickBid and Qgiv have differing pricing options when it comes to running events. Where ClickBid offers three flat fee options for your annual license, Qgiv offers a monthly or quarterly Giving Essentials service. For events, you will need to add text messaging and auctions as an add on fee. Your final costs can range and even change over time.

We feel that an up front and straightforward pricing model helps you know your costs immediately. Once your committee or board signs off on the licensing, you are free to raise as much money as possible without worrying about adding fees later in the year. In addition, with a full 12 months of usage, you won’t need to worry about renting more time just to keep your data available.

Total cost of a $45,000 fundraiser.



Annual License:

Credit Processing Fee:

Remote Phone Support:

Total Costs:

$1,295 (unlimited events)

$1,575 (3.5%)



Annual License:

Credit Processing Fee:

Remote Phone Support:

Total Costs:


$1,777 (3.95% + 1% amex)




When deciding between ClickBid and Qgiv for your charity, there are some important factors to consider. Both platforms offer flat fee pricing, which is beneficial for nonprofits as they know the price upfront. 

However, Qgiv’s monthly/quarterly model forces nonprofits to hurry through their fundraising to try and save costs. This can lead to frustration among administrators who may want to keep data longer term.

 Furthermore, when conducting events, Qgiv’s remote support pricing and higher processing fees continue to increase costs to your organization for each event.

Trusted by thousands of charities.

ClickBid has spent more than 20 years focusing on maximum fundraising for charities all over North America. Our recipe of simple software and dedicated support has helped us become a top level event fundraising provider. Let us show you how we do it!

A support team that follows you.

Our support team consists of seasoned, US based representatives who call ClickBid their home. Each talented team member attends events in-person to know what it feels like to be in your shoes. They personally walk you through your onboarding, answer all your questions along the way and manually review your events before they start. This isn’t extra! It’s the ClickBid Experience.

Switching from Qgiv to ClickBid

Step One: Connect

Our team is trained in helping charities migrate their event data from Qgiv to ClickBid. We will walk you through a customized demo and focus on the process of migration. Unlike switching CRMs, the process is surprisingly simple and takes only minutes.

Step Two: Support

Connect directly to your account manager who will support you for the entire year. Unlike a call center, our team is dedicated to your organization. Tell your story only once and then let your account manager help you stay engaged with your donors.

Step Three: Raise!

With your first event set up, you're ready to engage and raise more money. Best of all, there's no more $$ to spend on multiple events. The road ahead of you is wide open for maximizing your donor experiences and raising more funds.

Don't take our word for it.

We love our nonprofits and they have loved using a crazy simple platform.

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