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About Murad Auctions

Murad Auctions provides Professional Auctioneers as well as Event Management Services for both in-person and virtual fundraisers. They provide pre-event planning and software training to guide you to a more successful, and organized event. In addition, they provide event night staff and equipment to support your fundraiser.

As Professional Charity Auctioneers, the auctioneers at Murad Auctions do much more than just show up the night of the event and “call the auction.” Their job is to engineer your live auction, bring new ideas and procedures to your organization, increase efficiency, and educate you on new technology and creative ways to increase revenue. Louis Murad is recognized as one of the world’s premier charity auctioneers and holds the coveted Benefit Auction Specialist designation. He has been engineering successful live auctions for the most coveted events in the United States since 1998.

Hiring Murad to manage your event frees up your time to network with your guests and donors at your event. Projecting an efficient, friendly, and professional image at check-in and checkout helps your guests feel more comfortable donating money to your nonprofit because they feel you will manage their money well.