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Crazy Simple. Let us prove it to you.

Nonprofit Fundraising Auction Software

Why Use ClickBid Mobile Bidding for your Silent Auction?

Giving Faster

Let people bid right from their phones instantly. Allow contactless check-in at the event. Accept payments from phones.

Raise More Money

On average our mobile bidding auctions raise 30-40% more than paper auctions. Let our team help you make the move.


Your license includes a year long Text-to-Give campaign to keep donors engaged in your charity. It’s simple and secure.

Award Winning Support

Every account comes with support when you need it. Our dedicated team will make sure you’re setup and ready to go.

Run Better Auctions

Raise up to 30% more at your next silent auction​

A single path to success

We call it the “Happy Highway.” Like a highway, there are many on-ramps allowing you to merge onto the highway at different times. Likewise, ClickBid will help you merge into the platform built on 20 years of fundraising experience. So, buckle up, relax and enjoy the journey.​

A consistent support system for your event

The ClickBid support model follows the same crazy simple concept. Our team knows the fastest way to get your silent auction event into our platform. You stay on the happy highway through consistent best practices, support from our internal team, and personal pre-event reviews. This repeatable process is our roadmap for success and how we guide you through your event.

Raise up to 30% more with mobile bidding

Mobile Bidding is an online silent auction bidding process that allows guests to bid from their browser. Your organization will receive more bids because bidders can bid from any location and outbid notices and max bidding encourage more activity. In addition, it simplifies your event management by instantly determining winning bids and checkout totals.