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EventStream - Hybrid Event Resource Guide

Welcome. This page is meant to provide tutorials, resources and services to help you get the most out of your hybrid events and specifically EventStream. Use the menu below to select a type of help.


Future proof auction, video and event services online.

Sample Events

Sample Video with Live Auction

Introduction 2:31
Featured (Almost Live) Items 14:14
Fund-A-Need 21:38

Sample Almost Live and Live Auction Items

Live Auction Starts at 1:30:18

Sample Broadcast - Pre-recorded Video
Live Auction

Live Auction via Zoom and EventStream

Fund a Need

Live – Fund a Need via Zoom and EventStream


Using Skype to Add Live Guests (new 1/21)
Adding a PowerPoint to OBS (new 12/20)
DIY Virtual Event Video Program (new 12/20)
Office Hours Presentation: 12/10/2020 (new 12/20)

NOTE: Covers OBS, adding Zoom to OBS, PowerPoint, etc.

OBS Software Concepts
Using Zoom to allow guests to speak

NOTE: Zoom Pro is now required to use RTMP Streaming.

OBS - Playing a Single Video
OBS Part 2 - Adding More Elements to Your Broadcast
OBS - Floating a thermometer on your Fund-a-Need Virtual Event.

Use Cases

Playing a Video to Your Bidders

Learn how a Community Foundation is using EventStream to show a produced video as their entire presentation.

Using Zoom to Involve Attendees

Learn how a Foundation is inviting guests to join a Zoom call that is broadcast to all Bidders.

Hybrid - Combining video, live, live bidding

Learn how a school used pre-recorded video, live on-camera interviews and a local auctioneer to conduct a virtual live auction.


No. You can have as many users watching the live stream as you like. We are connected to a highly available platform that provides unlimited resources that scale to meet the needs of viewers.

Most of our customers use either OBS or Zoom to setup and manage their live videos. OBS is a freely available broadcasting tool for Mac and Windows 10. It is very easy to use and will let you switch between a live web camera, pre-recorded video, a leaderboard, etc.

Meanwhile, Zoom allows you to setup interviews with donors from around the globe. Note: you will need a paid Zoom account to broadcast your event to ClickBid’s EventStream platform.

If you are using RTMP as your broadcast format, please be sure to use the following settings to avoid skipping.

Encoder: x264
Rate Control: CBR
Keyframe Interval: 2 (seconds)
Profile: baseline
x264 options: –bframes 0

Our video streaming partner Millicast is designed to limit the delay of video from capture to broadcast. Therefore, they require the settings listed here to ensure the fastest delivery.

We recommend 30 frames per second. As for resolution, that depends on your internet speed. Our video partner Millicast will provide a stream that ensures the best delivery to each user. Therefore, some may get a full resolution image if they are using fast WiFi while others may get a lower resolution version due to slower WiFi.

When you send video through OBS, ClickBid’s Browser Broadcast, Zoom, etc, you can send up to 1080p resolution. We do not recommend higher than 1080p resolution to avoid delays in upload. NOTE: We have seen great results with 720p as well. Keep in mind that most viewers will be mobile and bidding at the same time (smaller screens).

Lastly, we recommend a progressive frames versus interlaced (1080p vs 1080i). Computers do not display interlaced frames the same way televisions do.

Absolutely! You can see this number as a bidder and as an admin. We will show you the current count of users streaming your live broadcast. In addition, you can go to the Streaming Report in our Reports tab to see who watched your stream as a bidder.

Yes. Each EventStream account comes with a custom stream key that can be used with OBS or any other broadcasting tool. Just go to Event Central > Live Broadcast to copy your custom codes.

Yes. You can use our filtering feature available on Event Central > Live Broadcast. It will let you pick one or more bidders who will be able to see the video feed (and no one else).

When you’re done testing, turn off the filtering feature to make it available to all bidders.

Every account with ClickBid comes with “day of” phone support. Our team is our daily support team and not an outsourced, limited knowledge team. We want you to be very successful with this new technology and new event world we live in.

Yes. There is a full screen button on the viewer that you can use on your phone, tablet, laptop or tv.

Some of our organizations have set up screening parties. A bidder will host other donors/guests and open the page on a TV or projector and go full screen. Then, the partygoers can bid from their phones while watching the big screen.

Both OBS and Zoom have recording capabilities that we highly recommend that you take advantage of. You can then upload the recording to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. so that anyone who missed the live broadcast can watch it.

Absolutely! You can pre-record your video elements and play a single contained video from your computer using the popular (and free) OBS software. This is a stress free way to broadcast your event.

Great question! A live bid (using EventStream) is just like bidding at a live auction. The auctioneer allows you to bid on that single item at a single time.

Each bid is instantly updated on everyone’s phone so they know how much they need to bid to stay in the race. Once the auctioneer “sells” the item, it’s closed and the winner pays for it.

A silent item is typically open for a longer period of time and can be bid on whenever the bidder wants to bid on it. 

Yes it can. On the Event Central > Live Broadcast page you will see a Viewer Link which you can copy and share. Keep in mind that requiring guests to register to bid in order to see the video is a great incentive to provide valuable information to your charity!

Yes they can. You can turn on your bidder chat feature under Bidders > Chat Bidders. Each EventStream account comes with a chat room where bidders can share comments.


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