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ClickBid Integrations Questionnaire​

Help us connect to your Customer Relationship Management software (CRM)​

Your feedback is what makes our product a hit!

Over the past 20 years, our nonprofits have helped build a better event fundraising platform. Help us keep the product relevant, easy and full of practical features that benefit you and other great charities.

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API Questionnaire

The Basics

Event Tickets

Do you sell event tickets using your CRM?
Would you like your ticketed guests added to ClickBid as bidders?

Did you know ClickBid offers ticket sales for only $200 per ticket page? You can use it all year over-and-over. It comes complete with meal choices, sponsorships, donations, table assignments, etc. In addition, purchasers can keep their credit cards on file throughout the event.


This can get pretty specific in certain CRMs. Any details here go a loooong way helping us build crazier simpler integrations.

ClickBid normally considers any purchase below the Fair Market Value as a non-deductible contribution. Anything above therefore would be considered deductible. Is there a default FMV in your CRM that we can insert the FMV so that your CRM can calculate the difference? Or, does your CRM recommend making a separate record: one for the amount up to FMV and one above the FMV? If so, is there a “type” field that we should modify? Phew, that’s a lot but it’s a big deal and we want to nail it.


ClickBid collects a lot of data from your auction event. We can store table assignments, whether a person checked in, if they bid, if they donated, if they did or didn’t win something, etc. Is there a place for us to update this information in your CRM? You’ll always have access to it from ClickBid but if you’d like to see it in your CRM, where would be a good place to put it specifically?

Auction Items

We naturally have all kinds of data on the items from your auction including starting bid, minimum raise amount, category, fair market value, how many bids were placed, who won, how much above/below market value did it sell for, etc. That data is readily available to look at in ClickBid. Is there a place in your CRM that you would like to put it? If so, where would we place that data specifically?

What did we miss?

Follow Up

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